Innovation is what drives success in the high-technology industry. It’s what helps us create economic growth and American jobs. Innovation is the cornerstone upon which the companies of the High Tech Inventors Alliance are built. We collectively invested $63 billion in research and development last year, supporting nearly 500,000 employees in the United States along with the tens of millions of other jobs created as a result of the innovative goods and services our members provide.


When the patent system works as it should, investments in R&D are protected — our members collectively own over 115,000 U.S. patents. But when the patent system fails, it undermines innovation to the detriment of all Americans — inventors, employees, investors, and consumers alike. The crisis of patent quality, baseless patent assertions, and the scourge of patent troll litigation must be remedied so that the patent system works properly, in support of innovation.


HTIA supports balanced reforms in the Patent and Trademark Office, the courts, and Congress that address the root causes of these problems while advancing a patent system that promotes investment in new technologies and American jobs. These reforms include:

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